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We offer tailor-made, complex solutions to our partners which enable them to use all advantages of digitalisation. It is important for us to develop software applications together with our clients that can contribute as effectively as possible to achieving their goals.

We are aware that the continuous optimization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is of fundamental importance for companies. We offer solutions with the help of which all processes can be actively controlled and possibilities for the optimal use of existing resources. To this we add our expertise and many years of experience gained in logistics, production and programming.


We are at your side so that you can achieve your goals. We pimp the ERP system to create non-standard functions that contribute greatly to increasing the KPIs. You can obtain a comprehensive picture of operational processes and errors through automated data analysis, material control and reporting. Thanks to the parameterizable monitoring options, changes can be easily tracked even in a dynamically developing business environment.


Follow the process steps of logistics and production line supply and inform yourself in a fully automated way about everything in time via your mobile device, PC or digital board. Monitoring of all material handling events and requirements: an overview of your processes from a previously unknown perspective. By logging critical events, problem analyses are made possible and by error detection the process stability can be steered in a positive direction.

Programming of manual barcode readers

In-house logistics today is already unimaginable without the use of hand barcode readers. Access the database managed by the enterprise control system using industrial terminals and identify your products by using handheld label printers. Track your goods handling tasks online and keep your stock information always up-to-date. We help with the communication between server and peripheral devices.


Programming of driverless forklifts. Make your ERP system capable of communicating with forklifts. Issue the command from the warehouse and the forklift searches for the location and carries out the stock placement or removal. Effective controlling and monitoring of the material flow by prioritizing critical processes.


During daily office work often arise routine tasks that take a lot of time away from value-creating activities. Users manually add up the data and create Excel tables. We help automate time-consuming office processes to make day-to-day operations more effective.

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Our team has extensive professional experience in every area of competence that is essential for the implementation: logistics, programming, ERP knowledge, project work, training. The client obtains not only a programming team that carries out the order in a static way, but also a team that is capable of helping to identify process weaknesses and, based on our innovative IT solutions, to make suggestions for optimisation in order to dynamically increase effectiveness. During the implementation phase, we support and monitor the test procedure and, if necessary, we organize training for end users.

Péter Takács

ERP, logistics, programming

Gergely Libis

ERP, programming, instructor

Gergő Nagy

ERP, logistics, programming

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